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Therefore, the observed changes in the DL, vibration sense in both feet bilaterally, Benton visual memory test score, and depression and fatigue in the POMS test that were noted in 1999 workers are considered to be due to exposure to 1-BP.
b) One worker felt no vibration sense in the right foot.
All four visual measures, touch, vibration sense, performance in the Vestibular X Writing Test, quadriceps and ankle dorsiflexion strength and reaction time were significantly associated with all five gait parameters.
Overall, seven sensori-motor measures were identified as significant predictors for one or more of the gait parameters: low contrast visual acuity, touch, vibration sense, vestibular X test writing performance, quadriceps strength, reaction time and sway.
Vibration sense was measured using an clectronic device capable of generating a 200 Hz vibration of varying intensity.
After controlling for age, poor tactile sensitivity, vibration sense and proprioception, quadriceps strength and reaction time were associated with sway on the floor conditions A and B).
In any case, resolution of motor blockade should occur when vibration sense returns to the baseline after neuraxial blockade.
Evaluation of vibration sense was traditionally done by a non-graduated 64 Hz tuning fork, but unfortunately it does not provide the degree of dysfunction quantitatively.
Table 4 After 30 minutes of administration of epidural block vibration sense was assessed over medial malleolus by tuning fork.
None of the literature published so far has documented vibration sense separately, loss of vibration sense increase the patient acceptability to the anaesthetic technique.