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noun analysis, audit, check, checkup, effort, examination, experience, experiment, exploration, inquest, inquiry, inquisition, inspection, interrogation, observation, questioning, quiz, research, scrutiny, search, study, survey, trial, try, tryout
Associated concepts: blood test, clear and present danger test, compelling state interest test, prudent man test, right from wrong test, substantial evidence test
See also: attempt, canon, check, criterion, endeavor, experiment, indagation, inquiry, poll, question, research, survey, trial, try, venture

TEST. Something by which to ascertain the truth respecting another thing. 7 Penn. St. Rep. 428; 6 Whart. 284. Vide Religious Test.

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As expected, this element of the MDOF vibration test lags behind the development of the laboratory test technology, but likely will see increased near-term activity.
He plans to apply for a patent and to develop a training manual for physicians who want to perform vibration tests in their offices.
The SIGnal Workbench platform performs multiple-channel FFT and Campbell analysis for our noise and vibration test applications," said Mr.
The company, which specializes in analyzing complex parts for aerospace and defense applications, needed a high-end vibration test system to complete its Madrid-based facility's test suite.
28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- IMV CORPORATION, the Japanese global leader of vibration test systems, announced today at the 2014 Automotive Testing Expo that it has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Kelly Space & Technology, Inc.
Other equipment in the laboratory includes an elastomer and TPV flocker/extruder line, glass chisel abraders, an Atlas Crockmeter for chemical abrasion testing, vibration test equipment, an injection molding machine, a small scale Ross mixer, chain-on-edge spray equipment, robotic dip equipment, a tumble spray unit, MMD units, a MetalJacket pilot line, an off-line flocker, Instron tensile testers, salt fog chambers, UV cure and coating equipment, freezers and more.
NSMS has been used extensively for vibration testing of DoD weapons systems at AEDC and has demonstrated a cost benefit while enhancing jet engine vibration test effectiveness.
EMITECH has recently experienced a growth in vibration test requests from national and international customers regarding vibration, so the EMITECH Group decided to enrich its mechanical test benches, adding another shaker system to the four V8 combo models already purchased in 2012.
Our range of vibration test solutions, including the LDS shakers, cover applications as diverse as satellite testing and structural analysis through to squeak and rattle checks and package testing.
Contract award: delivery of a vibration test stand for conducting structural tests and structural characterization of scientific instruments, which are designed and built at our institute.
Ling Electronics, headquartered in West Haven, Connecticut is the leader in supplying electro-dynamic systems, components, and service to the worldwide vibration test equipment market.

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