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Within this book are most of the initial studies on vibrato.
Un De Sceaux is the sponsor's 4-7 Tingle Creek favourite, with Vibrato Valtat next best at 7-2, but Nicholls takes some hope from the performances in Britain this season of horses trained by Mullins, who has managed just one ?
Vibrato Valtat is trained by Paul Nicholls, who is the most successful trainer in the history of the Kingmak-Kingmaker Novices' Chase with four previous winners.
Dr Grimes derived equations describing how string bending, vibrato and whammy bars changed the pitch of a note and found that the properties of the strings had a big effect on the change in pitch, in particular the Young's modulus (a measure of how much the string stretches under force) and how thick the strings were.
Para compreender a voz e o canto em sua totalidade, e preciso ter clara a relacao entre fonte e filtro constituidos, respectivamente, por pregas vocais, faringe, boca, cavidades nasais e paranasais, e que em conjunto determinam a qualidade final do som emitido [4] e da caracteristica do proprio vibrato [5], principalmente, pela relacao entre as frequencias produzidas pelas pregas vocais e modificadas pelo trato vocal [6].
But Vibrato Valtat found nothing under pressure and faded to third behind Ballygalsheen and last year's winner Barizan.
The Sebile Vibrato has for him the last years been one of the best jigging-vibrating lures he's ever used--for walleyes, as well as for big bass and big lake trout in cold water.
Tenor soloist Oliver Johnston managed to settle into a soft and pleasant timbre in Ev'ry Valley, despite a slightly shaky beginning of over-pushing his voice with rough vibrato.
The authors thoroughly address important topics such as breathing, onset, resonance, vowel modification, vibrato, register transitions, range extension, intonation, changing voices (both adolescent and aging), and vocal health.
Natural vibrato warbling folk pop that's got the merest hint of indie around its edges.
actress Liza Minnelli, the singing legend with the powerful vibrato and jet-black pixie hairdo, an officer in its Legion of Honor.
Here a "thinner" singing sound with a hint (or more) of vibrato seems appropriate.