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Under these circumstances, the court concluded that the franchisee was not BWWI's agent and the company could not be held vicariously liable.
Delaying industry entry increases the amount of information that can be learned vicariously which, in turn, increases profit potential and lowers mortality risk.
See, deep down, I never started this column so people could live vicariously through the adventures of me and my family.
Certain actions of alliances and their umbrella organizations could render them vicariously liable:
He provides a superb unvoiced performance that vicariously places the listener in the middle of the action whether in the theater, in the courtroom, or in the crowd at the gallows.
If it was hostile environment harassment, the employer still was vicariously liable but could assert a defense by proving it had preventive and corrective policies in place and establishing that the victim employee unreasonably failed to take advantage of the policies.
The opinion notes that Lamb asserted that it is impossible to apportion an offer of settlement when one of the offerees is only vicariously liable, but the court summarily dismissed this by stating that creative drafting could breathe vitality into the differentiation requirement.
The unanimous Supreme Court judgment said that "the church exerted sufficient control over the operations at the residential school that gave rise to the wrong to be found vicariously liable with Canada.
Locals live vicariously through the exploits of the school football team.
Live your dreams vicariously through Kicked Out, the reality show that does just that--boots too-big-to-live-at-home birdies out of the nest and forces 'em to fly solo.
Every week, locals abandon homes and businesses to live vicariously through their high school football team Coach Gary Gaines (Billy Bob Thornton) is charged with leading them to glory.