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In analyzing whether the franchisee was an agent of BWWI, the court adopted the "very instrumentality" test, calling it the "predominant test for holding a franchisor vicariously liable.
Hospitals are vicariously liable for the unlawful acts of their employees who commit wrongful acts or omissions during the course and scope of their employment.
See, deep down, I never started this column so people could live vicariously through the adventures of me and my family.
If you are unable to participate in the festival for any reason, we hope you will experience the festival vicariously and be inspired.
It's not enough to vicariously compete through watching on TV -- now make it interactive.
A good story is one that lets us live through a person experiencing all those dilemmas, so that vicariously we can experience what it feels like to end up closer, or farther, from the great Storyteller.
Each story has been handpicked for the special writing involved--and each allows readers to experience the thrill of the hunt vicariously.
Courts do not always limit the scope of insurance available to the landlord to those scenarios where the landlord is being held vicariously liable for the conduct of the tenant.
If alliance members form a general partnership, the members might be vicariously liable for each other's torts and securities violations.
It's impossible for me to gain a fraction of his experience, so I have to live vicariously.
Many in the world wish to live vicariously through famous athletes, movie stars, or the fabulously wealthy.
However, as my friends at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater rehearsed and prepared The Magic of Katherine Dunham, I lived vicariously through their precious opportunity to learn from one of "America's Irreplaceable Dance Treasures," as the Dance Heritage Coalition declared Dunham in 2000.