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I have seldom met an audience in the former who do not immediately grasp the notion of vicariousness and its implications for the European scene.
Even without symbolic mirrors, however, the canvas often stares back knowingly at us--through the very look of uncertain re sponsiveness--like a reflected glimpse of our own voyeurism, itself refiguring in turn the vicariousness of reading.
It enabled her to identify with the best of human aspirations and in a kind of romantic vicariousness, she found her life to be both satisfying and worthwhile.
Since dominance often proves helpful as a diagnostic tool, and experience has shown its value is related to the vicariousness of the experience, dominance was included in the analysis.
Ellen Terhune, one of the housebound victims of this deadly vicariousness, opines hopefully that "some of the most dynamic people .
Reading was a seditious activity for Mulcahy as well, only for her it was the vicariousness of literature, of "characters built on paradox, every dark pursuit" repelling and fascinating.