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VICE-ADMIRAL. The title of an officer in the navy; the next in rank after the admiral. In the United States we have no officer by this name.

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On Tehran's nuclear programme, the Vice Admiral said it is serious and a long-term concern for the US and its Gulf allies in the region.
Joining Vice Admiral Ibrahim at the event is the Chief of Staff of the neighbouring Gabonese Navy, Rear Admiral Herve Nambo Ndouany, who will also be providing insight into effective regional and international partnerships for security.
Vice Admiral Mazars was speaking from Portsmouth as dress rehearsals got under way for today's events.
Vice Admiral Gretton said: ``I am very pleased to be involved in the campaign to save HMS Whimbrel.
The Vice Admiral says he made ONE 999 call because he'd left keys in a phone box after trying to ring his wife.
We have invested a great deal in new and forward looking concepts for our customers, Vice Admiral Sullivan's ideas and insights will further assist in this investment arena.
Vice Admiral Syed Arifullah Hussaini got commission in Pakistan Navy in June 1981.
HM the King conferred the Bahrain Medal of the First Class on Vice Admiral Miller and wished him success in his future missions to contribute to bolstering the region's security and stability.
18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of his ongoing effort to partner with industry leaders, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Director Vice Admiral Mark Harnitchek and his senior staff visited Quabaug Corporation, the U.
Addressing the commissioning ceremony parade, Vice Admiral Sinha said that in the Navy, Dhruv helicopters have transformed into an advanced search and rescue (SAR) helicopter and are also used for missions like heliborne operations and armed patrol with night vision devices.
Vice Admiral Jones, 53, was a pupil at Birkenhead School, where he was in its naval cadet training corps, before being sponsored to read geography at Mansfield College, Oxford University.
This came as he received at his court the outgoing Commander of US Naval Forces Central Command and 5th fleet Commander Vice Admiral Mark Fox and his successor Rear Admiral John W Miller.