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English-language studies of viceregal arts in general tend to look at one or the other, or to weigh heavily on the side of Mexico.
The loa is similar in design, language and content to the loas de fiestas reales of Calderon and his school, and to those composed by Sor Juana herself to be performed in the viceregal palace and other venues in honor of the kings and queens of Spain, viceroys, vicereines, and other dignitaries.
B, military regimes have instituted sweeping changes to the governing framework to strengthen its viceregal aspects.
This gave him an official government position as viceregal consort from which to speak in the Canadian public sphere.
The metaphoric use of transport in the first of these examples is typified in a letter written in 1795 by Leonard McNally, a sworn United Irishman turned viceregal double agent.
Apart from the Valley View suite, the terraces of the Viceregal suite in the Guest Palace, its walls full of photographs of guests from different parts of India during the Maharaja's rule, provide some great views all round.
The current Maharaja, Manujendra Shah, still owns the main palace precincts, with Ananda managing the palace annexe, including the magnificent Viceregal Suite and the sprawling green grounds.
Hubert Howe Bancroft's seven-volume (multiauthor) History of California series (1884-90) devotes its first two volumes, totaling 1,539 pages, to the Spanish and Mexican periods of California history, paying close attention to viceregal and royal political stories, from Monterrey to Mexico City to Seville and Madrid.
Once Viceroys were appointed to Mexico the Church became an integral part of the viceregal administration so that Zumarraga's successors as Archbishops of Mexico sometimes acted as Viceroys in an interim capacity.
This study demonstrates how the Enlightenment, changing legal patterns, and evolving social practices influenced the lives of free and slave children in the cosmopolitan viceregal capital of Lima.
One was sent as a gift by the Nawab to William IV and it in turn was presented in 1930 to Viceregal Lodge (now Rashtrapati Bhavan), New Delhi, where it still hangs.