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The moral government of God, and his viceregent, Conscience, ought to be sufficient to restrain men to obedience, to justice, and benevolence, at all times and in all places, we must therefore descend from the dignity of our nature, when we think of civil government at all.
Mentioning the four Caliphs is not an unusual practice in itself but when it is done in a country in which its leader regards himself as the Patriarch of Muslims around the world, and Viceregent of the last Shi'ite Imam, it might be be construed as having been a pre-planned snub to the hosts.
In the words of Haneef (2002:242), God intended man "to be His viceregent (khalifah) on earth, to recognise (affirm His existence/tawhid) and to serve Him ('ubudiyyah) as a responsible agent (amin).
Cromwell, the new viceregent, took the matter up, and soon selected Miles Coverdale, a Cambridge scholar who had joined Tyndale in exile, as the person to see the work through.
Kant's critical philosophy, says Laywine, completed the cosmology of sensation by making our understanding God's viceregent in the sensible world and thus completed also "the project of drawing a sharp distinction between the sensible world and the intelligible world by offering us an account of the schematism of our imagination and the type of the moral law" (p.
Kenrick admits "that the magnificence of this ceremonial" may go against "modern feeling and sentiment; but it is enough that its object is to impress our minds with veneration for the viceregent of Christ.
In accordance with one of these revelations, Strang had himself crowned as "King James, Viceregent of God on Earth.
The wise ruler, God's viceregent, is identified as the "enlightened philosopher, one who combines to a perfect degree discursive and intuitive wisdom" (p.
Eid-ul-Fitr is a day of taking stock of our lives; a day to search our souls; a day to ask ourselves the questions about how successful we have been in fulfilling our role of being viceregents of the Almighty on this earth.
It is at least conceivable that after the special creation of Eve, which established the first human pair as God's viceregents (Gen.
These Methodists--from the North, South, and along the western frontier--believed that the laws of science were, in the words of Alexander Means, "God's Viceregents on earth.