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1980) (stating difference between venue provision and vicinage provision "has never been given any weight").
Kugler, United States District Judge for the District Of New Jersey, Camden Vicinage, ruled that three women - Gwendolyn Goffney, Dianne Sosa, and Andrea de la Torre - may join the nationwide gender discrimination suit against Lockheed Martin Corporation as new proposed class representatives.
Weisenbeck, former Assignment Judge for the Morris/Sussex Vicinage of the Superior Court, has returned to the firm as Of Counsel.
229) And those standards are not national, nor even state, but local--a "juror is entitled to draw on his own knowledge of the views of the average person in the community or vicinage from which he comes.
Michael Smith, 41, of Ardmonagh Gardens, 43-year-old Damien Morgan of Vicinage Park, and Patrick McCrory, 54, of Mountpottinger Road, all in Belfast, are charged with the offences.
124) However, there was some disagreement as to the vicinage requirement and thus the Sixth Amendment was adopted in its present language, omitting any reference to unanimity.
had not specified jury trial of 'the vicinage,' as did the
87, 104 (1974) (referring to the Miller test and stating that "[a] juror is entitled to draw on his own knowledge of the views of the average person in the community or vicinage from which he comes for making the required determination").
Winchester Gains, Race, Venue and the Rodney King Case: Can Batson Save the Vicinage Community?
68) Indictment only by Grand Jury SC, 1790 -- PA, 1790 69) Law of libel 70) Right to jury of vicinage 71) No commission of oyer and terminer 72) Security for debtor KY, 1792 -- DE, 1792 73) Jails to be healthy NH, 1792 -- VT, 1793 -- TN, 1796 74) No unnecessary rigor in jail 75) Free navigation of the Mississippi GA, 1798 -- KY, 1799 -- OH, 1802 76) Education open to all 77) Proportional distribution of U.
I am the ombudsman for the Superior Court of New Jersey, Essex Vicinage, and I am going to talk to you a little bit about the ombudsman program, and the community's response to it.
49) In response to complaints that this did not adequately protect a right to a local jury, Madison proposed that this provision of the original Constitution be replaced by a new provision that guaranteed both a jury from the vicinage (except in cases of impeachment and cases in the military) and a grand jury indictment (except in certain extraordinary circumstances), but which let crimes not committed within any county be tried where the laws prescribe.