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Biosynthetic studies on the tropane alkaloid hyoscyamine in Datura stramonium; Hyoscyamine is stable to in vivo oxidation and is not derived from littorine via a vicinal interchange process.
These projects also include projects in road, bridge construction, construction of vicinal tracks and repairs of damages caused by floods.
O espaco de busca para um novo segmento candidato a estrada vicinal e definido por uma circunferencia de raio R, como ilustra a Figura 6.
The urgent task that the operators should consider is how to restore the electricity supply in the out-of-service area by transferring de-energized loads through operating the tie switches to vicinal supporting feeders and/or supporting laterals.
Inhibition of ALAD occurs through binding of Pb to vicinal sulphhydryls at the active site of ALAD, where Zn is normally bound to a single sulphhydryl (6).
Sulfhydryl groups of vicinal or closely spaced cysteines are typical high-affinity targets for trivalent arsenicals in protein structures (Altamirano et al.
Catalytic Oxidation of Vicinal Diols to [alpha]-Diketones," J.
Thus it is suggested that the energy for the coherent pulse emission by vicinal water in a proximity of 4-5 nm of the microtubule's outer surface could be gained from the tubulin electric dipole oscillations and/or from vibrations along the microtubule walls.
On the other hand, interesting little fiefdoms are established by the vicinal proximity of the vendors.
One of the most widely used ligand classes are C2-symmetric salens, double Schiff base derivatives from chiral, vicinal diamines and two salicylaldehyde units.
These include the occurrence of non-uniform shrinkage on the macroscale; certain forces that are exerted by solid materials; vicinal and bulk phases on the micro and mesoscales; and glass transition effects that occur on the microscale level.
Hills (1979) reported that the vicinal trihydroxy phenolic moiety of hydrolyzable tannin is not readily amenable in the preparation of adhesives, but it may form a useful extender for phenolic resins, as in the case of chestnut-wood extracts (Kulvik 1976, 1977).