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He advised the present government to give up the policy of political victimization as the country is in dire need of political unity and stability.
Findings are based on data from the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS).
The limited existing research suggests children with disabilities are more frequent targets of peer victimization and more vulnerable to victimization by typically developing peers who have higher status and more social power (Conti-Ramsden & Botting, 2004; Rose, Espelage, & Monda-Amaya, 2009; Rose, Monda-Amaya, & Espelage, 2010; Son, Parish, & Peterson, 2012; Wiener & Mak, 2009).
All three groups experienced all of the above forms of victimization at roughly equal rates, according to the survey, wrote the authors, with many patients experiencing more than one form.
The relationship among social support, victimization, and student adjustment in a predominantly latino sample.
The current study examines associations between peer victimization (frequency and severity) and specific aspects of spirituality (i.
When both male and females were employed, the odds of victimization were more than two times higher than when the male was the only breadwinner in the partnership, lending support to the idea that female employment may challenge male authority and power in a relationship," said Franklin and Menaker.
And the main targets of victimization were young people: The rate for those age 12 to 17 in 2011 was nearly 38 per 1,000, the bureau said, and for those age 18 to 24 it was 49 per 1,000.
Of the 491 studies considered from between 1910 and 2013, 34 reported on the relationship between peer victimization and suicidal ideation.
While the 2007 American Psychological Association's (APA) report on the sexualization of girls and its subsequent revisions (2008 and 2010) fail to mention technological advances as an underlying factor of victimization, one cannot ignore the ease of availability in cell phone "sexting," and the potential of filming and distribution of pornographic images.
The recent pedophilia scandals at Penn State and in the Catholic Church have shed some light on the victimization of boys by adult men.