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She is surely correct in observing that Zayas's denunciation of male violence in the prologues is contradicted by the novellas themselves, in which women as well as men victimize women.
The supporters of laws against hate crimes argue that such crimes should be disproportionately punished because they victimize more than the victim.
In another case, The AG filed a complaint in Middlesex Superior court against former real estate broker Walter Ribeck alleging that he too was engaging in deceptive and fraudulent practices to victimize distressed homeowners.
Smith Goes to Washington", aptly characterized as a "fantasy movie", to a sophisticated examination of hate, fear, and the desire prey upon the weak, to the role of identification in victimization--with those who victimize others placing themselves in the role of the powerful oppressor and the victim in the role of their powerless selves --Attack on Government deconstructs popular opinions in a quest for the underlying and often unconscious emotional motives behind their forceful display.