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Fred Goldman emerged from the courthouse with a fist raised victoriously in the air, flanked by his wife, Patti, his daughter, Kim, and their attorneys.
You can almost see him in his burgundy Corn Palace cap entering the city limits, making his way through unfamiliar streets, finding a parking space and then stepping calmly, victoriously, out of his rental car and snapping a picture of his 50th state capitol.
May they have the skill, fortitude and courage to come safely and victoriously through these dark days.
Elated Chechens danced and shouted for joy in villages west of Grozny as convoys of rebel fighters drove out with fists raised victoriously.
I feel like a personal-power convert victoriously running across a bed of hot coals chanting my mantra, "Anything goes
A triumphant Nigel Dodds punched the air victoriously as North Belfast fell to the DUP.
The symbol of the phoenix rising victoriously from the flames on Sporty Spice's back can only symbolise the singer's desire to forge a solo career away from the rest of the band.
But as she held on to Imran's arm for dear life yesterday, Jemima looked serene, unruffled and totally devoted in her western clothes as she stood victoriously on the steps of the High Court.
Crossing the finish line victoriously were EJ Flores and Ariana Dormitorio, overall male and female champions for the 40KM race with time records of 1:18:32 and 1:24:58, respectively.
Kim made the remarks while addressing workers behind the North's latest missile test, adding that Pyongyang "will victoriously advance and leap as the strongest nuclear power and military power in the world", according to North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency.
The petitioner said that on the very next date of the APS attack, TTP through Ehsan, had victoriously claimed responsibility for the brutal incident and vowed to carry out more such attacks in future through media and other channels of communication.
The Overcomer's Edge" opens the way to discovery for followers of Christ to live victoriously, and to walk in the power of God's grace, His Word, and His Spirit.