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VIEWERS. Persons appointed by the courts to see and examine certain matters, and make a report of the facts together with their opinion to the court. In practice they are usually appointed to lay out roads and the like. Vide Experts.

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0 million viewers -- 144 percent higher than the average primetime viewership among the four major over-the-air networks (8.
So, for example, there is in most a strong sense of distance, even withdrawal, on the part of the photographer: The viewer quickly becomes aware that a basic protocol of these images rules out precisely the sort of feats of capture--of fast-moving events, extreme gestures and emotions, vivid momentary juxtapositions of persons and things, etc.
We recognize that we have many loyal rural viewers out there who may not fit the traditional definition of a farmer or rancher," Adinamis says.
The imaginative Renaissance viewer, like Goffen herself, would have been open to the nuances of significance and meaning that the imaginal voices of Job and God suggest.
On the whole, the works produced by the artists ignoring the viewer-participants seemed to be the most successful ones, proving that while the viewer is a crucial element in the process, her role takes center stage after rather than before or during a work's creation.
As the viewer approached, a static image on a small LCD screen showed a man stranded on a rock in midstream close to the edge of Niagara Falls; when the viewer turned away from the screen, a tripped sensor set the image into motion, and poor Avery gets swept over the falls.
Comprising twelve works scattered throughout the city, "Superspace," 1999, established a network of experiences through which the artist, the viewer, and the city could connect.