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The technical aspect of TV viewership monitoring has been outsourced to the American AGB Nielsen.
With no matches slotted during primetime, viewership in India has gone down and advertisers have also suffered.
Our findings show a definite trend of increased viewership across all seven countries from 2002 to 2010.
Emily Yahr--noting that the Golden Globes have seen steady ratings increases in recent years and that the Emmy awards hit a 10-year high in viewership in 2013--asked, "Is social media the reason that awards shows have been spiking in the ratings?
The Grammys are the second most popular awards show of the year after the Academy Awards and this year's average viewership was just a little higher than last year's average of 28.
Results also show that Al-Hayat has the top viewership (88%); Ramez Ankh Amoun is the top viewed program (88%); and "Al-Shak" is the top viewed Arabic series to date with a 41% viewership rate.
All NFL television partners shared in the viewership increase.
In addition to the +42% viewership gain for the World Series on FOX, viewership for the Division Series on TBS was up +11% over last year and viewership for the League Championship Series on FOX and TBS increased +14% over 2008.
All advertisers target televisions to convey their messages to the Saudi market in which sports and football in particular attract a huge viewership.
An eighth season wouldn't likely get much better, and shows of that age rarely increase their viewership.
China's runaway summer hit--The Mongolian Cow Yogurt Super Girl Contest--ended in August with a television viewership that eclipsed the population of North America.
The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth (CAMY) is seeking stricter standards for the placement of alcohol ads, saying the ads should not appear in media with more than 15% underage readership or viewership, down from the current 30% standard, Ad Agereports.