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The activity of the Spirit, described as a storm within and rendered onomatopoeically via the accumulation of s-, sh-, voiced th- and voiceless th-sounds, is conveyed through a series of nature images centered around "the viewless wind", the Christian emblem of the Holy Ghost, which causes turmoil in the heretofore stagnant mind: "storm", "waves", "shore", "sea", "rocks", "thunders".
Does one then behold only faint lines and viewless air?
Consequently, in Jerusalem 34/38 Los's Rainbow is a glittering "Gate of Precious stones and gold," crepuscular light that is to "vegetations viewless," for mortals must die in order to see this Rainbow of the Dead.
Both Morlier and Saunders note the connections between EBB's sonnets and an 1836 sketch of Joan of Arc's death from the American Monthly Review where observers "imagined that her spirit-visible to mortal eyes-soared upward, dove-like on white pinions, into viewless heaven.
14) Herbert Moran, Viewless Winds: Being the Recollections and Digressions of an Australian Surgeon, Peter Davies, London, 1939, p.
Thus despite the restricted, viewless nature of the canyon site, every attempt was made, as The Architects' Journal told British readers, `to do away with any feeling of enclosure or smallness.