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He wonders if the imaginative powers he described earlier as "the viewless wings of Poesy", (poesy = the art of writing poetry) which as therapists we might understand as professional neutrality, are actually just imagination, a fancy, "a deceiving elf".
Moran, HM 1939, Viewless winds: being the recollections and digressions of an Australian surgeon, Peter Davies, London.
The self reliance, however, brought many battles between mind and body since it was up to me to create enough motivation to summit unnamed, viewless, trailless peaks in Adirondack townships where nobody even lives.
Homer was for Weil and Bespaloff a celebrant of the imagination who turned the world into words through which posterity could enter from time to time into the realm of permanence, "charioted on the viewless wings of poesy.
It is a lovely stream; its wavelets purl As if they echoed to the fall and rise Of the capricious breeze; each upward curl, That splashes pearl, mirrors the fairy eyes Of viewless passer, and the billows hurl Their sparkles on her lap, as o'er she flies.
To be fair, there are critics who would differ, and for evidence point to Duke Melveric's celebration of his dead wife's body as the only avenue through which he knew and loved her: "'she was a woman,/Whose spirit I knew only through those limbs,/Those tender members thou dost dare despise;/By whose exhaustless beauty, infinite love,/Trackless expression only, did I learn/That there was aught yet viewless and eternal; Since they could come from such alone'" (III.
Like the whale, the Melville of this biography surfaces and sounds: one is awed by the spout of up-rushing thought and poetic expression, but such moments give way to the eerie silence of his secret meditations in the viewless depths.
Sometimes their verse is intensely poetic and invocational like a trance--"Truth whose eyes have seen the viewless, / Truth, who bore Eternity
Tis a new life;--thoughts move not as they did With slow uncertain steps across my mind, In thronging haste fast pressing on they bid The portals open to the viewless wind; That comes not, save when in the dust is laid The crown of pride that gilds each mortal brow, And from before man's vision melting fade The heavens and earth--Their walls are falling now-Fast crowding on each thought claims utterance strong; Storm-lifted waves swift rushing to the shore On from the sea they send their shouts along, Back through the cave-worn rocks their thunders roar; And I a child of God by Christ made free Start from death's slumbers to Eternity
Just as the invisible fairies observe the laughable humans, it is given to the most laughable human, the transformed Bottom, to observe the viewless delights of the Fairy Queen.