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Moments after the victory by Lerner and Snyder, sophomores Brandon Mischel and Jordan Parzick added an 11thwin for Viewpoint with a 6-2triumph over Jesse Glass and Brian Park.
A win today could also elevate the Viewpoint program into some elite company among area boys' tennis programs.
And Viewpoint is there" Haladay concluded, "In 2010, Viewpoint added over 500 features to its product and this will accelerate in 2011.
With a long-standing focus on meeting the information needs of contractors of all sizes, Viewpoint has achieved a leadership position in construction enterprise software.
With versatile in-house writing and design teams as well as full production capabilities, Viewpoint Lifestyle is well equipped to handle all types and sizes of business looking to energize their brand-- everything from apparel and sporting goods to food and beverage, to recreation and tourism.
For Viewpoint, a section title would be the school's first.
2008 has been another record-setting year for new customers for Viewpoint Construction Software.
As game 3 began Saturday, it looked as if Viewpoint had found a rhythm that could have turned the momentum in the Patriots' favor.
That has been accelerated this year with Viewpoint V6 Software.
After a five-game victory over Campbell Hall in the quarterfinals Friday, Viewpoint of Calabasas made quick work of the visiting Tartans of San Juan Capistrano (16-5) in the semis, winning 15-9, 15-7, 15-9.
Viewpoint Construction Software President Myrna Hostetler comments, "Today's leading contractors like Manhattan want a truly integrated, flexible product with out-of-the-box tailoring ability.
Michael Caloz, grade 10, Viewpoint High School, ``Computer modeling: a predator-prey ecosystem.