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In the same month, Iranian Intelligence Minister Seyed Mahmoud Alavi underlined that his ministry is vigilantly keeping an eye on every move made by the enemies and is fully prepared to defuse and repel any type of threat to Iran.
HERMEL, Lebanon: Residents of northeast Lebanon border towns are becoming increasingly concerned for their own safety as tensions rise over infrastructure issues due to the the deluge of refugees, and security forces erect a barricade along the border to vigilantly monitor ingresses.
The rights body called on all political parties and the civil society to vigilantly guard against these latest attempts to "liquidate democracy" in Pakistan and resolutely reject any and all bids to delay elections under any pretext or to introduce unrepresentative rule.
In the report, the inspector wrote: "Children are very well safeguarded in the nursery as all staff have a thorough understanding of child protection and children are supervised vigilantly.
In addition to his primary mission he vigilantly recorded his experiences and observations as a traveler and included background on the country's history as a modern state (it was established by freed slaves from the United States), its economy and social conditions, the original inhabitants ("the Natives"), and the natural world.
Law enforcing agencies have very vigilantly started to impose the law.
The Angel of the North, well-named, For it''s a landmark of great note, Vigilantly surveying the surrounding countryside, From an imposing height.
In the study, examination on the differences with respect to certain variables (such as programs, sex, and locality) in perceptions and attitudes toward the guidance counseling services are vigilantly scrutinized.
lt;span style="mso-spacerun: yes;"> </span>The Bank of Japan (BOJ) vigilantly guards against a strong yen because yen strength hurts the competitiveness of Japanese exporters.
The Tunisian government has eased a state imposed curfew due to the improved security situation in the country, although they will continue to vigilantly monitor the tenuous situation, AN NAHAR reported on Sunday.
We will examine Commissioner Barnier's proposals vigilantly in this respect".
Fabio Andrade is vigilantly on the job at Eurofrigo BV's two cold storage facilities in Holland's busiest port area.