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A germinacao e vigor de sementes de feijao cultivar Perola e a quantidade de lixiviados no teste da condutividade eletrica sao influenciados pelo aumento do periodo de exposicao ao envelhecimento acelerado (artificial).
Observations of vigor were made twice per month from March to October in 2002.
Faculty and students reported similar levels of overall stress, fatigue, anger, negative moods and lack of vigor.
Justine Lattimer, prosecuting, said that Davies was living in a first floor flat in St George's Road, Lower Stoke, at the time of the attack and Mr Vigor lived on the ground floor.
But in the statement, the FDA said the "relationship of the cardiovascular findings in the VIGOR study to use of Vioxx is not known.
But having lost the relocation battle, Galanter has expressed a willingness to serve her new constituents with equal vigor.
La entidad perdio el 7% de la base combinada de clientes en la fusion, pero la franquicia mantiene su vigor y el primer lugar en total de prestamos.
We now identify vine vigor to see weak and strong areas of growth in the vineyard, then we break up how we harvest," says Daniel Bosch, vineyard technical manager at Robert Mondavi Winery.
Written in a style that should appeal to all readers regardless of their previous knowledge of contemporary art, the essay, like Piper's work, embraces grand themes with vigor.
Sheehan believed that the body determines your destiny Your mental and spiritual best are out of reach without the vigor and strength of your body as it was meant to be.
He may resemble the linebacker you had a crush on during your senior year in high school, but his voice is something else--a sound of unearthly purity, sensitivity, and vigor.