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Another Viler cross bypassed all the yellow shirts but somehow teenage striker Luka Zahovic spooned over from no distance.
Also last night, Chelsea demolished Maribor 6-0 with goals from Eden Hazard (2), Didier Drogba, John Terry, Loic Remy and an own goal from Mitja Viler.
Terry made it 3-0 after 31 minutes before Mitja Viler put through his own net to make it 4-0 nine minutes into the second half.
MARIBOR- Handanovic, Stojanovic, Rajcevic, Suler, Viler, Vrsic (Bohar 82), Mertelj, Filipovic, Ibraimi, Mendy, Tavares (Dervisevic 90).
Antonia Fraser notes that the public freedom exercised by Quaker women "pulled down upon their whole sex still viler imprecations concerning the nature of womankind.
Steve Viler concluded in his research that teachers can take the necessary assistance of the computers to organize the communicative plans in this path.
Similarly, her comments regarding Medwin's Byron biography are fruitfully interpreted, not as a total disavowal of biography, but a critique that merely extends to Medwin: "In times past when a man died the worms eat him, now in addition viler insects feed on his more precious memory, wounding the survivors by their remorseless calumnies.
Matilda's environment--her vile home and her even viler school--is hardly conducive to what Darling calls "party dancing--everyone just having a good time.
Kristol, the editor of The Weekly Standard, does not only not resemble his father Irving, but is even viler.
Maribor used Mitja Viler at leftback in the group match in Slovenia.
Both were viler than the predator Mack the Knife, who was performed rather sympathetically by Jim Fowler.
immoral actions: "Afraid of being reviled I grew viler and when I