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for racial vilification, raising distinct problems of dissemination,
The judge held that Mr McCloskey set up the Facebook page to "destroy the family life of sex offenders, to expose them to total humiliation and vilification, to drive them from their homes and to expose them to the risk of serious harm".
The amendments would significantly narrow the definition of what public acts constitute racial vilification and intimidation.
Benmosche said that during his talk with Cummings he expressed his belief "that people should never encourage public anger against any group -- for any reason -- and that the vilification of a person or a group of people is not right.
Prominent community groups like the Jewish Board of Deputies and the NSW Community Relations Commission are pushing for a radical overhaul of the laws in submissions to a parliamentary inquiry into whether it should be easier to criminally prosecute cases of serious racial vilification, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.
Manila Former members of the military top brass yesterday expressed concern over what they alleged was a vilification drive by the government against a former general.
Tharoor asked the media to stop its vilification campaign over Thomas's appointment to the constitutional post.
These were outstanding and attentiongrabbing only in their singleminded vilification of each other, and their bad English.
Tired of his vilification, Death has a few choice words with humanity.
THE vilification of Dr Michael Turner over the overturning of the Hayley Turner ban has been a disgrace.
An international lawyer based in Washington, DC, Smith argues that the best potential for making the hopes of Nuremberg and the aspirations of hopes of international justice a reality comes from a true acceptance of wrong-doing and a consequent desire to move on by people most involved, and working toward these solutions in their homes rather than continued vilification and ostracism from on high.