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HE WAS vilified by the press for jumping into a lifeboat as the Titanic went down with the loss of more than 1,500 lives.
BRENDAN Gleeson has revealed he is to play a vilified priest in a dark comedy by the writer and director of The Guard.
Rooney has been vilified by Everton fans in the past and in one previous Goodison Park match Ferguson admitted he had to substitute the England striker for fear the crowd would get him sent off.
To misquote Mel Gibson misquoting another vilified Scotsman, William Wallace: "You can take my life, aye, but you'll never influence my choice of biscuit.
Martin Taylor was vilified - and still gets vilified to this day.
I became the public face (of the disaster) and was demonised and vilified.
I became the public face [of the disaster] and was demonised and vilified.
The situation in Caerphilly is such that knowing what you are talking about is a reason to be abused and vilified.
But Ajinomoto said aspartame had been unfairly vilified.
IT'S shocking that poor Kate McCann is vilified as soon as she tries to do something positive.
I decided (after listening to a "talk radio" commentator who abused, vilified, and scorned every noble cause to which I had devoted my entire life) that I was both a humanist and a liberal, each of the most dangerous type.
The family was vilified for its achievement, but Vashti stood firm.