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To its credit, "Situation" presents a variety of different Iraqi characters believably and, even when they behave villainously, with a good deal of understanding and respect.
On hand to contribute all sorts of "B" stories are kooky neighbors, beary friends, beary ex-boyfriends, even a rich, boozy grandma (paging Cloris Leachman), who villainously snatches the boy away from his "unfit" surrogate dad.
After her declaration that she has never loved any man other than the one who "had" her as a maiden--which amounts to a declaration that Tristan is her true husband--Iseut goes on to voice another "truthful" lie, one that she and Tristan will proclaim time and again: that they have never loved villainously, or wrongly.
As Amir's mom, Nasirpour makes a villainously ambiguous "feminist.
In the instalment, called Voodoo Feet Of Death, his bouffant-haired, nifty-footed character seems poised to villainously steal another dancer's wife.
Thus, on the one hand the nationalist hordes are seen to be villainously attacking the temple of transcendent art in which all Canadians should take pride; or on the other the arrogant British are accused of colonizing what ought to be a "purely" Canadian institution, using Canadian public funds to produce British high culture.
He clearly enjoys himself, especially hamming things up as the villainously obese Rasputia.
The women are usually tattered creatures with the most villainously, shrewish-toned voices I have ever heard.