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While Heinze suggests this may increase the likelihood of interstate conflict, the limited scope of such actions--particularly in the case of drones--has not yet led to expanded conflict, but rather has increased instances of jus ad vim.
VOLT Media & Production will be entitled to distribute the complete range of VIM innovative solutions, including the MultiTouch solutions “ViTouch”, the “ViHolo” 3D holographic displays, interactive gesture-controlled technologies and others.
The samples were assessed using 2 triplex assays, with ACTB, BMP3, and TFPI2 in the first assay and ACTB, NDRG4, and VIM in the second assay.
Evaluation of "pass/fail" status is a verification, as we see by again turning to the VIM definition:
Thus, he established the VIM clinic to provide quality primary health and dental care at no charge to the patients, based solely on the charitable contributions of time and money by the island's businesses, residents, and retired medical providers.
It has been well established that implantation of VIM DBS leads to a reduction in the level of confounding tremor, (5,6) however the extent to which VIM DBS leads to more efficient finger dexterity is less clear.
The company will initially bring back the original Vim scouring powder in its cylindrical 500g pack.
Former owner Unilever ditched Vim in favour of rival product Jif, although it was still sold in some other European countries.
Headed by David Wilson, 27, the New York-based multimedia production company began offering VIM (video interactive media) cards to clients in 2003 after one of Wilson's business partners, Darryl Harrison, discovered them on a trip to Asia in October of the previous year, "Compared to a [traditional] business card, these [VIM] cards have a lot more value.
In 1984, his father, Preston McMurry, created Vim & Vigor magazine while working for Baptist Hospitals and Health Systems.
The space is currently occupied by Flatbush Carpet, Miracle Warehouse, Shelly Discounts and athletic apparel retailer VIM.
It doesn't happen much any more, but in the old days (or at least my old days), the letters column of, for example, The Lancet, was full of vim, vigor and fun.