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with all its preposterous elements, this imperfect work, Islands in the Stream, makes one feel the intensify of a crucial game played against vincible odds as one has not quite been able to do in connection with any of his last three finished novels--For Whom the Bell Tolls, Across the River and into the Trees, The Old Man and the Sea.
The sell-out crowd loved every minute of it, singing along with tracks like Get Hot and Vincible.
44) My own concern here lies less with the viability of institutional culpability or vincible ignorance per se, and more with the ways the category of social sin helps us consider the connections between the structural injustices John Paul identifies and more nonvoluntary, ideological influences that abet and result from communal actions.
Valerie Brooks - The Leaburg author has been awarded a monthlong residency to Vermont Studio Center and a $4,250 Elizabeth George Foundation grant for emerging writers to work on her novel-in-progress, "Finding Vincible.
Because the man who,not so many months ago , was being hailed as being as in vincible as ``Supermac'' Macmillan is now regarded-at least by a substantial proportion of the Parliamentary Labour Party -as something of a busted flush.
If the conflict, should it happen, is swift,decisive, relatively ``clean,'' with a minimum of Allied casualties, then the Prime Minister will be riding high, in just the same way as Margaret Thatcher became almost politically in vincible for a while after the Falklands War.
42) The topics of vincible and invincible ignorance in moral decision making as well as the personal psychological odyssey of the path of purification and integration associated with John of the Cross's dark night of the soul, should be reconsidered in light of the study of the unconscious.