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The partnership of Mypacco and Vinculum will help customers through end-to-end multi-channel solutions and core logistics services.
See also Trent 9:742, where he and others are reported as supporting "matrimonii vinculum," which had not been in the drafts of the canons until it appeared (August 7) in the new canon 5 (see above, nn.
With its extensive system development and IT consulting experience spanning the entire Japanese retail sector, including supermarkets, department stores, restaurants and other retail businesses, Vinculum Japan offers webMethods and its customers significant domain knowledge for further customizing of webMethods Fabric to address the unique requirements of the Japanese market.
Our software products lay emphasis on ease of use, decoupled Open architecture, lower TCO and fast implementations & we are consistently looking to innovate through effective business models and ensuring customer delight in each of our engagements,” said Venkat Nott, CEO Vinculum Solutions.
As an extended arm of Vinculum, partners will be able to identify opportunities within their network and enhance their value proposition to their customers, with Vinculum working side-by-side to ensure their success", said Venkat Nott- CEO Vinculum Group .
She stretches the two ends of Vinculum II, 1969, between wall and floor (vinculum: "link, that which binds; bond, tie, connecting medium").
And if these concepts point to form in order to signal its vinculum with thought (that here, as in other occasions, Marti preferred to name essence, though it is possible that for him both terms were not identifiable), others spring from thought and flow into form--and not only into it.
9] Similarly, Augustine analyzed the role of the Spirit in terms of the vinculum caritatis or the vinculum Trinitatis, the communion that binds the other two members of the Godhead together in dynamic unity.
On the author's interpretation, the doctrine of vinculum substantiale that appears late in Leibniz's career is not Leibniz's true view but a diplomatic tactic designed to appease certain critics.
It is the subject of Adagia 1772 ("Vulcanium vinculum, " ASD 2, 4).
Vinculum is FTDI's brand name for a range of USB Host/Slave controller ICs that provide easy implementation of USB Host controller functionality within products and use FTDI's tried and tested firmware to significantly reduce development costs and time to market.