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For these reasons, Tax Executives Institute urges your Administration to become involved in the Barclays case and to urge the Supreme Court to resolve the case in a manner that vindicates both the Federal Government's preeminent role in setting foreign economic policy and the Foreign Commerce Clause rights of all taxpayers.
The arbitrator ruling vindicates our action," said Mike Mazzoni, executive vice president and general manager, Barton Beers Ltd.
Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued a decision today that largely vindicates MercExchange, LLC in its patent infringement case against auction giant eBay, Inc.
It vindicates BJP's stand that there was a large-scale loot of public resource, specifically of public land in Haryana, during the past Congress regime and that the public land was given to the Congress cronies and relatives of party leaders," said Sinha.
I think that today totally vindicates the position we took
From the standpoint of the long woebegone Rams franchise, the sweet taste of its first Super Bowl victory vindicates all that came before - even Georgia.
This vindicates our strategy and will give the Company the additional credibility and financing to help us grow our business rapidly," said Mr.
The market now vindicates our strategy as consumers increasingly endorse natural health solutions they can trust coming from a pioneer and leader in quality products.
District Court vindicates the industry's position regarding local privacy ordinances here in California.
The Osbourne's lawyer, Orin Snyder of the firm Parcher Hayes & Snyder, stated: "The court's ruling vindicates Ozzy and Sharon 100 percent.