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One of the most exciting findings of this book is the prevalence of vindicatory violence prompted by precedence competitions within churches.
While the stories of noble violence are gripping, most historians will be drawn to Carroll's quantitative approach to vindicatory violence in the second, shorter part of the book.
Not all readers will be wholly persuaded that such an elusive concept as vindicatory violence is a satisfactory diagnostic device.
Is Williams' genealogy vindicatory, as he intends, or merely reductive?
In February this year, she raised the amount to 160 million yen, including 100 million yen in vindicatory compensation.
And this model could comprise a useful vindicatory framework for that.
Wiggins attempts to use his notion of a vindicatory explanation -- developed elsewhere in his work-4o ground the claim that morality is objective in this sense.
She harped on the same string in her vindicatory address "To the Reader" printed before Sir Patient Fancy, a cheeky preface which formed the written equivalent of the rather impertinent prologues spoken before Restoration plays.
In its complex structure the "mythological resonances, metaphysical anxiety, social research, vindicatory outcry, aversion to the institutions, attempts to analyze the psychology of the poor" are inextricably bound to "formal problems of great contemporary relevance.