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A Polish friend of Fiona's father had saved Solar's life in World War II and arranged for her to get the viola direct from him in 1970.
Mr Simpson applied for a restraining order banning Viola from contacting Miss Kavanagh, which was granted by Recorder Jacqueline Carey.
In The Reflecting Pool (1977-79), which depicts the artist diving into a pool, Viola uses reflections and low-fi special effects to create a mystical scene.
It is an honor to be nominated to serve our country as President-elect Trump's Secretary of the Army," said Viola.
Any violation will revoke my right to take the bar,' said Viola.
The gig, which kicks off at 12pm, will include sets from Manchester indie four-piece The Rainband, who appeared at Glastonbury in June, PSYBLINGS, who played the Viola Beach celebration event with The Coral and Courteeners earlier this year, and Ellie Dibben, who was a support act at last year's Warrington Festival alongside Viola Beach.
In June, Coldplay paid tribute to Viola Beach at Glastonbury by performing Boys That Sing as part of their headline slot on the Pyramid Stage.
Band booker for The Townhouse, Henry Carden said: "We were absolutely heartbroken to hear the tragic news about Viola Beach and their manager Craig over the weekend.
Viola uses the medium that currently mass-controls us, alienating us from our own interiority and intimacy, and subverts this 'technology of spectacle' against itself, with time-lapse, slow motion and so on, in order to explore the dimensions of the human condition and encounter the 'unseen'.
Viola pedata Bird's-foot Violet flowers March-June, deeply cut leaves, dry forests and clearings
A loan of 130,000 [pounds sterling] plus interest in 2011 from Borro Loan Ltd and Borro Loan 2 Ltd (together 'Borro'), a pawn broker, on the security of the viola by way of pledge.