violent contact

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Presently, the coach came; and, after many sorrowful farewells, and a great deal of running backwards and forwards across the pavement on the part of Miss La Creevy, in the course of which the yellow turban came into violent contact with sundry foot-passengers, it
Unfortunately the horns of one of the creatures, either by accident or design, came in violent contact with the flank of the mustang, and excited it to madness.
To add to the drama Eastleigh mid-fielder Ben Strevens was red carded for violent contact after a clash with Ryan Bowman in the tunnel as the two teams headed for the changing rooms.
I wondered if the footballing likes of Drogba, Carroll and Young who go down as if shot when entering an opponents shadow or Perch and Jelavic who cowardly simulate violent contact to their cranium or any of the other numerous shirt tugging, diving cheats were watching and if so, did they feel any contrition at all for their posturing duplicity.
And there are also concerns that this level of violent contact can be harmful to young bodies.
Although the majority of the insulting-or-provoking contact cases involved more violent contact than the incident in question, the appellate court concluded that the statute's plain language defined the offense in terms of contact that insulted or provoked the victim, not contact that injured the victim.
They are portable and do not require physical projectiles, violent contact or inhalation.
I experienced American football last year and am fully aware of just how violent contact sports can be.
MMA is a violent contact sport which allows contenders to punch, elbow, kick and knee opponents.
Raines says robot sumo isn't a violent contact sport and these robots don't destroy each other like those noisy machines on the Discovery Channel do.
Parents too are becoming anxious and are asking themselves if they should let their sons play a game of sometimes violent contact.
Tensions further increased as both groups moved increasingly into urban industrial areas where they came into closer and generally more violent contact, urban conditions only exacerbating these hostilities.

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