violent disagreement

See: dissension
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The profoundly violent disagreement that resulted in the destruction of the TV set took place between Shaker al-Jawhary, head of the Electronic Media Association in Jordan, and Mohammad Sharif al-Jaiousy, the editor in chief of news website al-Mustaqbal al-Arabi.
Racegoers saw nothing untoward during the race that would have sparked a violent disagreement between the pair, who were both aboard outsiders, and there was no prize-money attached to fourth spot.
Each of these cases has generated controversy, tension, even violent disagreement.
We need to view these as threats to our ability to accomplish our missions in the same way we view a weapon in the hands of someone in violent disagreement to our way of thinking.
Hmmm, I'd say so, but this must have roused near violent disagreement in households across the country.
Like Everton captain "Super" Kevin Campbell, who had a violent disagreement with himself during the recent "Will Walter Smith jump, be pushed or, erm, just plod on as normal" saga.
The North Lebanon Bar Association had called for a similar strike in November, 2009 when a lawyer and security personnel were involved in a violent disagreement right before the bar association elections.
He judges that the natural beauty of virtue is insufficient for public morality and patriotism and that a superficial understanding of philosophy tends to corrupt, since the beginner cannot navigate the violent disagreements of the philosophers and becomes skeptical about everything.
A cameraman from New TV was also beaten in Humin al-Fawqa, where the election process was halted due to violent disagreements.
The film explores how their profitable association and close friendships were often marred by violent disagreements.

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