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ShriNadda further said that routine viral load testing will optimize the utilization of 1st line regimens, thus preventing drug resistance and ensuring the longevity of people living with HIV.
People starting antiretroviral therapy usually reach an undetectable viral load in 3 to 6 months.
4 decrease in median viral load versus pre-ART viral load after a six-month ART treatment interruption.
The viral load is tested every few months, enabling drugs to be switched as soon as they stop suppressing the virus.
South Africa was considered separately because of its relatively better health system than other countries in the area; there, the average viral load was about 50% or 1.
Genital tract HIV-1 RNA shedding among women with below detectable plasma viral load.
for up to 5 years, looking at changes in their vaginal bacteria as well as changes in the vaginal viral load and their plasma viral load.
Unfortunately, because the only commercially available tools for assessing HIV viral load are those that look at RNA shedding in plasma, we use plasma viral load as a surrogate for how infectious a given patient is, yet this may not always reflect what is happening in the genital tract.
The socalled baseline viral load was the premalaria value measured 1 month before the first observation in the analysis.
The trial was stopped because some of these volunteers had a poor antiviral response to TMC125; those in the control group, who were treated with protease inhibitors instead, did better in reducing viral load.
7 log drop in viral load overall as compared to placebo patients who did not achieve any change in viral load; and