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I simply printed two or three on a virginal post-card--another half-penny to the bad--which might have been bought at any post-office in the kingdom.
Rugged and kind as himself, it was virginal almost, and betrayed no long practice in the art of saying good-bye.
I don't mean the worn-out earth of our possession, but a young Earth, a virginal planet undisturbed by the vision of a future teeming with the monstrous forms of life and death, clamorous with the cruel battles of hunger and thought.
The virginal membrane was not harmed," the Public Health Minister said.
In steps Anna Holtz (Diane Kruger), a pretty, virginal student who understands the genius that lurks in Beethoven's soul.
For example, a non-impaired thirty-year-old, asymptomatic, virginal female does not require an annual GYN exam and pap smear.
7) It is also important to note that Mary's virginal conception of Jesus is mentioned only in Matthew even though the subsequent maintenance of her virginity is not addressed.
The folks at Guttmacher would have us believe that the virginal brides of the era popularized by Doris Day were a myth.
When hedonist Art invites his new girlfriend, the virginal Coll, on vacation with his father and stepmother, assumptions clash on whether she would, as previous girlfriends had, share his bed.
Only the young Cecile dances on pointe, to represent her virginal purity.
There's 40-something babe Ava (Gail O'Grady) concealing her age from her 25-year-old husband; lovelorn loser Chloe (Nicole Sullivan); stereotypically saucy chica Lola (Sofia Vergara), who somehow only attracts gay men; and virginal spoiled princess Emerson (Christina Moore).
In Brophy's depiction, however, Mother Nature is no longer a sentimentalized, virginal subject but rather a largely man-made construction, shaped and reshaped by generations of exploitation for resources and recreation.