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The virility of this deed impressed her; and yet, normally, she attached no value to the power of opening gates.
Virility Medical, an unimprovably named Israeli start-up, recently completed a successful clinical trial of its newest offering, an app-based cure to premature ejaculation.
More than 11,000 articles believed to be designer brand knock-offs along with assault weapons and fake male virility supplements were confiscated during a police search in two shops in Ayia Napa, it was announced on Saturday.
Testo Boost Xlcrossing 25-30 year age line, we tend to feel less virility and strength.
Is this a mandate for whiteness, virility, sovereignty, Stupidity, an idiot's threats & gangsta narcissisms threading Every shabby sentence his trumpet constructs?
RED FORTERA PROMISES RESULTS: Next Gen Health Solutions has developed a supplement called Red Fortera, which it says is clinically proven to increase male virility, improving sexual desire, performance and erection quality, with just one capsule taken 30 minutes before intimacy.
The test results of the Government Laboratory today confirmed that the sample contains aminotadalafil, an analogue of a virility drug ingredient tadalafil.
Surely that 67-year-old picture of health and virility was six times a night-ing it with a young blonde hairdresser as any self-respecting rocker would be just before launching a new tour.
Chicken "Voronoff" style (their quote marks) had me scuttling off to Google where I found the story of a French surgeon, Serge Voronoff, who in the 1920s gained notoriety for grafting bits of monkey testicles on to the same organs of adult men in order to increase their virility, and so earned the gratitude of London's male dining fraternity by having a sauce created in his honour by the Savoy Hotel.
uk Microbiologist lays bare bugs in beards THROUGHOUT history a beard has been a sign of man's virility, wisdom, strength, sexual prowess and social status.
If taken, the fake Robust tablets could cause heart palpitations and lead to other complications instead of enhancing virility as promised in its advertisements, according to Bingo Chiu, an agent under the NBI's Intellectual Property Rights Division.
Researcher and Sexology Australia director Elaine George said that there is a myth that all Australian men want sex 24/7 and if they don't then there is something wrong with their virility and masculinity, however, this new research suggested that for one in every six couples, the woman is likely to have higher desire than men.