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The virtual image projection system combines in one package both high-tech capabilities and human skills, with each component focusing on what it does best.
A reflection in a mirror is an example of a virtual image.
There are strong synergies between Virtual Image Technology's business approach and products and those of eGistics," said eGistics CEO Bob Lund.
Virtual Image has produced works of imagery for clients that produced work on behalf of companies like Mattel, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Interplay, Universal Merchandising, Atari, and Century 21.
Such virtual imaging devices would employ high-resolution microdisplays and magnifying optics, in combination with earphones and microphone, to deliver a virtual image that appears to be a large display set off at some distance in front of the user's eye.
The 3-D panels, produced by Virtual Images, appear throughout the high-traffic shuttle passageway and create a remarkable and memorable 3-D visual experience.
Industry research indicates that there are as many as five offline virtual images for every one online image.
The producers of Avatar wanted movie posters that reflected the breakthrough 3-D experience they delivered in the theater - that's why they turned to the team at Virtual Images.
27 /PRNewswire/ -- Warner Brothers Entertainment aimed to bring viewers to complete visual meltdown with the release of the movie "Final Destination 4," so they partnered with Virtual Images -- The 3-D Company, to promote it.
To promote the movie, which opens nationwide on September 18, 2009, the studios worked with Virtual Images -- The 3-D Company to produce poster-sized movie theater displays that utilize a unique, high-tech 3-D technology that produces images of remarkable depth and clarity.
Produced by Virtual Images, the poster-sized displays utilize a unique, high-tech 3-D technology that produces images of remarkable depth and clarity.
22 /PRNewswire/ -- Virtual Images Unlimited, a division of IGH Solutions from Minnesota, today announced that it has acquired the large format lenticular manufacturing assets of Dynamic Images.

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