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A virtual machine cluster is currently defined as a collection consisting of multiple virtual machines that are closely connected and typically constitute the deployment unit of a certain application.
BYOPC with VMware Player 6 Plus - VMware Fusion 6 Professional is licensed to customers to use VMware Player 6 Plus to run restricted virtual machines created by VMware Fusion 6 Professional on Windows and Linux PCs.
Virtual machine files can be backed up to enable a full restore including operating; system, applications and data: to any new hardware that is running the same virtualization application.
Connell thought this inconvenience was a problem that Mindsharp instructors would "just have to deal with," until he stumbled across several online blogs that mentioned Invirtus VM Optimizer (VMO) as a potential solution to make more efficient use of virtual machine space.
Improve virtual machine portability and accelerate disaster recovery - Many of the benefits associated with virtualization can be attributed to the fact that virtual machines can be copied, stored and moved around the network like a standard file.
We plan to develop more functionality with the VMware API, along with the ability to isolate any infected virtual machines before malware can spread across the network.
vOptimizer Pro automates storage reclamation from Windows guest operating systems in order to reduce storage requirements and improve virtual machine performance.
Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007 and Sanbolic's Melio Clustered File System add important new management and migration capability to Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2
vOptimizer reduces Microsoft and VMware virtual machine size by up to 80% for improved portability and performance
Double-Take for VMware Infrastructure runs on a single Windows[R] server in a virtualized environment, and allows administrators to centrally manage and monitor multiple virtual machine protection jobs from any Windows desktop using the client management console.
In an RTOS-based configuration, PERC Pico can also be used together with the PERC Ultra virtual machine in an RTOS environment.
Identify each virtual machine and its associated host for migration: Create an inventory of your virtual machines and catalog them in one central document.

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