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Even when virtuality ultimately achieves the status of hyperreal, its authenticity is still questioned, while the neurosis caused by the loss of adequacy dissolves the experiential features of a seemingly lost reality.
Virtuality with respect to organizations has several connotations, as explained by Bultje and Wijk (1998).
This visionary moral tianxia further adds up to the virtuality of imagination of the film's narrative.
For Otto, the concept of virtuality as free-floating, creative force is pushed to its logical conclusion in Frankenstein, where the monster simultaneously perceives and creates both his own subjectivity and a convincing narrative of the external world, all the while self-reflexively aware of the limitations and potential of his own subject-position.
Mowshowitz also claims that organizational virtuality is not exclusive, in the sense that an enterprise can be partially virtual and partially conventional, the different organization being divided depending on departments or tasks.
Team virtuality has been described in terms of three basic dimensions (Kirkman & Mathieu, 2005): (a) the extent to which team members use virtual tools to coordinate and perform team processes; (b) the amount of informational value provided by such tools; and (c) the synchronicity of team member virtual interaction.
Teams at York and Warwick now aim to link up with experts at the Universities of Bangor, Bradford and Brighton to develop the 'Virtual Cocoon' - a new real virtuality device that can stimulate all five senses much more realistically than any other current or prospective device.
Information technology; bridge to the wired virtuality.
People have to worry about the scale, the virtuality of your life being exposed to round about 500 public authorities.
A court case from the late sixteenth century presents the voices of two black females, albeit through the proxy of a white male, revealing how "their very virtuality is their usefulness in law" (111-12).
Maybe these tough times, coupled with our newfound environmental consciousness, will push us closer to the brink of virtuality and perhaps even over the edge into a life of telepresence.
This same halfway virtuality also holds true for the emerging platform of online trade shows.