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When virtuality guides our imaging of political existence, then the only significant political demand is Reconstruction: the end of statecapital is the demand for the restoration of total value expropriated trough the violent appropriated of the productive capacity of native lands and slave labor.
This visionary moral tianxia further adds up to the virtuality of imagination of the film's narrative.
For Otto, the concept of virtuality as free-floating, creative force is pushed to its logical conclusion in Frankenstein, where the monster simultaneously perceives and creates both his own subjectivity and a convincing narrative of the external world, all the while self-reflexively aware of the limitations and potential of his own subject-position.
Mowshowitz also claims that organizational virtuality is not exclusive, in the sense that an enterprise can be partially virtual and partially conventional, the different organization being divided depending on departments or tasks.
It could help unlock the full potential benefits of real virtuality in fields such as education, business and environmental protection.
Shields begins his analysis of virtuality with sixteenth-century debates over the Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation.
His aim, once you have got through the verbal convolutions at the beginning, is about the possibilities involved in merging digital virtuality with materiality--to use the latter word in a sense unfamiliar to many architecture dominees.
75) Whatever is and whatever happens come into being, according to Deleuze and Guattari, by passing from the state of virtuality to actuality.
En route the reader encounters the gendered city, queer spaces, heterotopia, deconstructing the city, and finally hybridity, virtuality, and the postmetropolis.
Some kinds of organisation will find it easier to embrace virtuality, but all managers need to familiarise themselves with what is materialising as an increasingly widespread management model.
For this reason, we do not distinguish between virtual and non-virtual R&D teams; rather, we consider virtuality to be a matter of degree.