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Opening with the funked-out string heavy instrumental "Git Dat Mutha" (this reappears as an extended outro), Virtuosity features a song sequence that simulates a producer's day in the studio, jumping from room to room to accommodate the mood or vocal dynamics of the particular artist.
And Susan Bernstein, a comparative literature scholar at Brown University, extends the concepts of musical performance and virtuosity into the literary realm, again of mid-nineteenth-century Paris, in the work under review h ere.
22, is a more extrovert work, displaying the kind of public virtuosity associated with Haydn's London; yet it also explores an unusual richness of orchestral writing, including an eloquent cello solo in the slow movement.
Cultivating an appreciation for dance as an art form and not just the technical virtuosity that is but one part of it; finding and recognizing the strengths in all students; and stressing ballet as something that all can do even if only a few get to perform it onstage.
Recognized for their brilliant virtuosity and superb musicianship, the three artists, pianist Marian Hahn, violinist Timothy Baker and cellist Richard Locker also enjoy award-winning solo careers.
Virtuosity is by Pivotal and is closely related to last year's Coventry winner and Middle Park third Iceman, while her dam Virtuous won as a juvenile.
Those three have all since received their critical due, of course, and Korty makes it possible to imagine a future in which his solid, sustained aesthetic and technical virtuosity are once again granted the status of critical benchmarks.
His faith, as Richard Strier has persuasively argued, accepted the inability of man to save himself through works, and yet Herbert produced a body of poetry demonstrating metric virtuosity, sophisticated imagery, and rhetorical skill.
The signifying language play of much of the quotation suggests a phallic trickster who is duplicitous, but duplicitous phallic virtuosity is a concomitant of subversive linguistic virtuosity.
The Kirov Ballet gave us leisure to contemplate the choreographer's sharpening of the physics of ballet technique into a pointed spear of virtuosity and wit, here wielded by dancers with preternaturally open bodies and an aggressive clarity of technique.