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Here, though, Boaz virtuously redeems his kinsman's field when he draws off [vayishlof] his shoe (Ruth 4:7-8).
With the exception of the Cello Sonata, virtuously alternating lyricism with the sarcasm and persiflage of the late second cello concerto, all the recordings have been released by Supraphon for the very first time.
He begins with some comments about what it means to read the Bible competently, ethically, and virtuously.
Vivid, artful depictions, especially of the various castigations, effectively remind viewers to behave virtuously.
And guess what: SNAP recipients already eat more virtuously than the rest of us.
Parents work extremely hard in ensuring that their children receive a good education, remain healthy and safe but the importance of building moral intelligence and virtuously shaping the child's character is often neglected, thinking that will happen naturally or through observational learning.
Noteworthy are the last three verses: "Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all.
It's not merely surviving monsters and dodging deadly traps, it has a story that unfolds constantly as the person virtuously colors it with more love.
asserted that each human being is "born morally neutral" and can attain salvation by cultivating his character--his ability to think, feel, and act virtuously on a regular basis.
It will be especially valuable in challenging undergraduate students to live virtuously.
The basic structure of the book involves six steps toward self-forgiveness: (a) Receive God's Forgiveness, (b) Repair Relationships, (3) Rethink Ruminations, (d) Apply the REACH Model to Self-Forgiveness, (e) Rebuild Self-Acceptance, and (f) Resolve to Live Virtuously.
47) However, in making his case he merely redefines civic virtue such that anyone acting in a way that demonstrates a predisposition towards the common good, loosely defined, is acting virtuously.