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Cameron (2003) also found a positive association between virtuous activity and increased performance in virtuous firms, and in some cases found statistically significant relationships between virtuousness and increased profit.
1, Aquinas argues that it is precisely the leaning upon God that constitutes hope's virtuousness.
This suggests that if we want to change people's behaviour for the better, we have to be sure it doesn't backfire," says Mazar -- starting, perhaps, by eliminating the halo of self-congratulatory, smug virtuousness that surrounds green behaviour.
Gulaal", directed by Anurag Kashyap, revolves around a Rajput boy who lost his virtuousness in the dark world of betrayal and politics.
Nevertheless, it has important implications for our evaluation of agents' virtuousness.
Though the overarching symbol of purity, Mary, may be female, holy Catholic males should also strive to imitate her virtuousness.
They are emblematic of a determination to maintain ignorance about the realities of life in Palestine, and a desire to perpetuate the notions of Israeli innocence, virtuousness and victimhood.
Whilst the economic beneficiaries of hardnosed corporate conduct, we as citizens criticise this lack of corporate ethics, and we question companies' virtuousness.
But behind this veneer of virtuousness there was a seedier figure - a serial adulterer who revelled in the sexual freedom of the "open relationship" his wife allowed him He had affairs with at least two medical colleagues and is thought to have had a string of other lovers.
In the following quote from Tarzan and the Leopard Men by Edgar Rice Burroughs (1935: 166), African promiscuity is clearly juxtaposed to the virtuousness of the white couple:
Corrupt people preach about virtuousness and puppets preach about freedom of decision.
857, 857 (2004) (noting the widespread belief of European peoples and governments that Europeans are "the better peoples of the United Nations" and their absolute conviction of their "UN virtuousness," but questioning some of this self-assessment).