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Newfleet Multi-Sector Strategies, which manages assets in the Virtus Total Return Fund, leverages the knowledge and skill of a team of investment professionals with expertise in every sector of the bond market, including evolving, specialized, and out-of-favor sectors.
The ETFis business model is similar to the Virtus approach of offering investors access to strategies of boutique managers.
VIRTUS owns, designs, builds and operates a new generation of agile, connected, efficient data centres around the heart of London's cloud and digital content economy.
VIRTUS was created by National Catholic to attempt to prevent child abuse within the Church.
Jim Garner, founder and President of Virtus says, "I am excited about this merger as it is a natural fit of two companies that share the same core principals and many synergies.
About Newfleet Asset Management Newfleet Asset Management, an affiliated manager of Virtus Investment Partners, provides comprehensive fixed income portfolio management in multiple strategies.
Virtus chief financial officer Daryl Seaton said, The additional funding will provide a significant platform for accelerated business growth.
Our focus on investing in real estate asset classes whose demand is driven by major demographic trends has historically provided greater resilience to economic downturns than traditional asset classes, and it shows in the performance of our assets during the most recent downturn," said Terrell Gates, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Virtus.
Also, LONDON 1 customers will get to connect with VIRTUS LONDON 2 data centre using Zayo solutions later in the year.
The distribution of Virtus stock to Phoenix shareholders occurred through a pro rata dividend of Virtus common stock at a ratio of one share of Virtus stock for every 20 shares of Phoenix stock held.
The spin-off, which was approved by Phoenix's board of directors on December 12, will occur through a pro rata dividend of Virtus common stock to Phoenix's shareholders.
Robert Tomicic, Partner and Co-Founder of Virtus Partners, commented, "Integrating the FIGI into our platform enhances our ability to provide data and services to our clients in a highly efficient and automated way.