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In the factionridden state Congress, Khurshid is seen as virulently anti- SP.
Far-right and virulently anti-Islam Dutch politician Geert Wilders has postponed a planned speaking tour in Australia after his visa application took a longer-than-normal time to be processed.
He said: "We need to close our ranks because some virulently anti-Arab countries are engaged in subversion and busy sowing the seeds of dissension in our ranks; through this Makkah summit we should let them know that we stand united, and this is exactly why our beloved king has called this summit.
He said some of the white congregarion so virulently opposed the wedding of Charles and Te Andrea Wilson, who are black, that they threatened to have him fired.
Even someone virulently anti-sports must be finding it pretty hard to avoid at the moment.
Perhaps not surprisingly, Linda has come to strongly resent technology; she refuses to buy or use a cell phone, uses computers only as absolutely necessary at work and is virulently opposed to social media such as Facebook.
Irn-Bru, the virulently day-glo drink that's put hairs on the chests of countless lads and lassies north of the border, was under the microscope last week as EU boffins pondered whether to take away the E-numbers that are such a staple of British life.
It means the disease does not spread as virulently as it might, because the energies of the parasites are focused on bringing down their current victim rather than trying to spread to other hosts through mosquitoes.
The report included crimes against gays and listed 18 groups with virulently anti-gay records.
describes the Latvian community in the US as a model: they never complain or ask for help, lead middle class lives, send their children to college, and of course are virulently anti-communist.
However, once in office, he succumbs to greed as readily as those he once virulently condemned.
In West Virginia, teens rank near the top nationally in methamphetamine use, meth lab incidents outnumber those of all states in the northeast combined--and Marshall research has identified three mechanisms that help account for the drug's virulently addictive and neurotoxic profile.