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The post Turkey must meet its obligations vis-a-vis Cyprus, Anastasiades tells Juncker appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
On account of continuation of loss trends, equity has declined further while liquidity is also low vis-a-vis the company's liabilities, even despite reduction in the latter over the period.
Epplier provides some recommendations vis-a-vis becoming someone who can make a difference.
The possibilities of building new non-wood pulp mills in China depend on the availability of alternative raw materials, the cost-competitiveness of new non-wood pulping lines vis-a-vis imported wood pulps, developments in silica removal technology, and local circumstances.
Due in part to the proliferation of biennials around the world, which include a growing number of ethnically diversified artists, marginality requires a context that reaches beyond the polemics vis-a-vis traditionally designated art centers.
To reach out to its community, the university is using a software product called VIS-A-VIS from WorldLinx Telecommunications Inc.
This first full-length biography of the minister, civil rights activist, and congressman presents Powell as a mirror of what has been termed "the American Dilemma" that discrepancy between what white America preaches about the rights of human beings and what it practices vis-a-vis black America.
Similarly, a taxpayer increasing its investment in foreign operations will be handicapped vis-a-vis established businesses with existing high levels of FBPR.
It provides in-depth competitor analysis to understand company's position vis-a-vis its competitors in the industry.
Over the years, PGI has achieved an adequate level of capitalization vis-a-vis business volumes on the back of sustained underwriting profitability.
State law may require fewer formalities to establish and maintain an SMLLC vis-a-vis a corporation.