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I had an incredibly visceral sense of what, in a way, William and Harry go through.
Because if this scandal had hit the Robinsons five years ago I think I would have felt a more visceral sense of satisfaction at their downfall.
That said, Hougland managed to create a community propelled by a visceral sense of alienation to surround his fragile star.
The introductory path the author follows is more through subjective meaning and ultimate value than abstract logic (think New Age a little), and Bjarnason brings both knowledge and a visceral sense of commitment to that task.
Many will remember the visceral sense of fear and uncertainty that we, as young doctors, felt when brushing up against the authority of the State.
It is clear to the reader that the making of art--even Sylvia's topographic maps constructed to give her blind friend a more visceral sense of the world--is a transcendent way to live in the contemporary world.