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Hibbert manages to give the reader an almost visceral sense of the despair and weariness that Englishmen at the time must have felt surveying their countless burned villages, trampled fields, despoiled churches, and pillaged dries.
Employees are feeling a visceral sense of dread as budget cut backs and layoffs permeate the workplace.
Their presence and fearless creativity injects a visceral sense of reality and an apparent comfort which is constantly challenged as they grow from docile victims to Machiavellian killers.
In this ramshackle aesthetic, the chaos, erratic movement and paradoxically limited field of vision are what convey a visceral sense of unease.
When I looked at the time the Moon was predicted to uncover Saturn, I had a visceral sense of motion.
With Ed Ruscha's stains, for example, the actual residue of different materials (from beets to Vaseline), you get a visceral sense of content: that different things stain differently, with different intensities and force, even with different temporalities.
America seems to love experts in everything except for government, and the movement grew out of a visceral sense among voters across the country that the elected "experts" in the legislative process had "lost touch.
Between the mention of "the stabbing" on the book's first page and its actual occurrence nearly 350 pages later, she gives the reader a visceral sense of how easy it is to love and keep loving a charmer with a knife in his hand.
When this was announced from the stage, the room dissolved in snorts of derision and we all felt that visceral sense of contempt for the corporate PR flack who dreamed up this cloying, manipulative piece of public charity.
The candor between Sara and Caries is grounded in divergent perspectives: on her part, respect for his abilities and a visceral sense that she can trust him; on his, the feeling that she is too decent and motherly a person to warrant his usual suspicions.
Engaging with this work creates a visceral sense of unfolding or revelation, as well as a feeling of immediacy and loss.