visible token

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The first time he spoke to me after we were at Yarmouth, which was not till two or three days, for we were separated in the town to several quarters; I say, the first time he saw me, it appeared his tone was altered; and, looking very melancholy, and shaking his head, he asked me how I did, and telling his father who I was, and how I had come this voyage only for a trial, in order to go further abroad, his father, turning to me with a very grave and concerned tone "Young man," says he, "you ought never to go to sea any more; you ought to take this for a plain and visible token that you are not to be a seafaring man.
But all the cups and saucers being clean, and in their proper places in the corner-cupboard; and the brass toasting-fork hanging in its usual nook and spreading its four idle fingers out as if it wanted to be measured for a glove; there remained no other visible tokens of the meal just finished, than such as purred and washed their whiskers in the person of the basking cat, and glistened in the gracious, not to say the greasy, faces of her patrons.
Little men require some visible token always at hand to show to the world that they have lived.
The ceremony is intended as a visible token of Christian brotherly love.
As a visible token of its gratitude, the club now offers a $14 gift item: "Imagine the envious faces of your friends when you hold The Ratzinger Fan Club Coffee Mug," which sports the slogan "Putting the smackdown on heresy since 1981.
The Mark is a major step forward and the visible token that the industry and consumers need.