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But still they tarried, and in my vision Unandi spoke: "We tarry, Queen of the Heavens--we tarry to pray for justice on him who murdered us.
Oh, yes; I have frequently seen shadows pass close to me, approach, and disappear; but I took them for visions raised by my feverish imagination, and indeed when you entered I thought I was under the influence of delirium.
The vision had begun when my father was speaking of our going to Prague.
But then you come; and you're so much more than I remembered, and what I want of you is so much more than an hour or two every now and then, with wastes of thirsty waiting between, that I can sit perfectly still beside you, like this, with that other vision in my mind, just quietly trusting to it to come true.
Dorothea had less of outward vision than usual this morning, being filled with images of things as they had been and were going to be.
His eyes were wide apart; nothing in their field of vision escaped; and as they drank in the beauty before them the fighting light died out and a warm glow took its place.
She remembered them by the hurt of her breasts and the prod of her instinct; also she remembered them by vision, so that, by the subtle chemistry of her brain, she could see them, by way of the broken screen across the ventilator hole, down into the cellar in the dark rubbish-corner under the stairway, where she had stolen her lair and birthed her litter.
I believed this as firmly as I believed that I had been guided, thus far, by the vision of the child.
But Bishop Morehouse, oblivious to all, his eyes filled with his vision, continued:
When we have read it, we seem to see him, tall and thin, with lean earnest face, out of which shine great eyes, the eyes that see visions.
But the things Rivera fought for burned in his brain--blazing and terrible visions, that, with eyes wide open, sitting lonely in the corner of the ring and waiting for his tricky antagonist, he saw as clearly as he had lived them.
And there have perished for me all the visions and consolations of my youth!