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VISITATION. The act of examining into the affairs of a corporation.
     2. The power of visitation is applicable only to ecclesiastical and eleemosynary corporations. 1 Bl. Com. 480; 2 Kid on Corp. 174. The visitation of civil corporations is by the government itself, through the medium of the courts of justice Vide 2 Kent, Com. 240.

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In response to credible intelligence indicating that small groups of inmates at several institutions may attempt to disrupt FDC operations and impact safety and security, FDC has, in an abundance of caution and in the best interest of staff, inmate and public safety, cancelled all visitation statewide," the statement read.
Duckworths legislation will prevent abuse of the prison video visitation service industry a largely unregulated area of commerce that often pairs low-quality service with exorbitant, cost-prohibitive fees incarcerated individuals and their families cannot afford.
A police spokesperson said the Jerusalem police chief has cancelled the morning visitation after a number of Jews have violated standing rules that ban prayer on the premise for non-Muslims.
Articles related to the benefits of visitation and the issues of violence against nurses are presented here.
5) Visitation is one of the few options caregivers have to try to lessen the impact of parental incarceration.
In 2008 the Vatican Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life announced, with no preparation or reason given, that it would conduct an Apostolic Visitation of congregations of women religious in the United States, focusing on apostolic congregations as contrasted with contemplative religious orders.
Using nearly four decades of visitation data amassed by the National Park Service, employees with the agency's Natural Resource Stewardship and Science Directorate recently plotted park visitation alongside historical average monthly temperatures at 340 parks.
Abu Dhabi: The Eid Al Adha visitation schedules for the inmates of the Al Ain and Al Wathba centres, the Al Razeen Section, and the Al Mafraq Juvenile Care Centre have been announced by the Punitive and Correctional Establishments Department at the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ.
Securus Technologies said the United States Patent Office issued its patent to electronically capture, analyze and identify participants of a video visitation session using various facial recognition methods.
Inmates in some Texas county jails may no longer have to speak to loved ones on a video screen after the Senate voted today to back a House measure requiring in-person jail visitation.
Three years ago, Washington, DC, eliminated in-person visitation for the roughly 1,800 residents of its jails and installed 54 video-conferencing screens in this building across the parking lot from the detention facility.
Relenting in the name of love, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima has restored overnight conjugal visitation at the Muntinlupa City prison after months of withdrawing the privilege following raids at the facility late last year that yielded contraband goods and revealed luxury accommodations within the compound.