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Solid patent claims - For the Smart sun visor invention, US Patent approval received for 4 Independent claims and a total of 28 claims.
I've been a fan of Rosen visors, and for every aircraft I've purchased, I've changed out the factory visors for the Rosen products.
INGENIOUS J Visor cleaning fluid, a sponge and twin wipers are combined in one system
Fogging of the visor is a problem that can be easily overcome by tying the lower tape of the mask loosely.
Fasten this pin into the underside of the feather visor base.
Members flying a second time in Upper Class or a third time in Premium Economy, until 30 August 2000 will also receive a free Springboard modem as an accessory to the Handspring Visor Deluxe.
The small, sleek design and reversible display allow the SIRIUS One to be placed on the visor, dash or console.
Palffy lost two teeth and was placed on injured reserve, but the Kings are saying the visor spared Palffy from a far worse injury.
The Visor Neo, the entry-level model, offers the same processor speed as the higher-end Visors.
The company's recently announced Z800 3D Visor can provide full surround stereovision 3D through its state-of-the-art head tracking and eMagin SVGA 3D OLED displays.
The offspring of Definite Article and Alderbrook have fared well in bumpers, hurdles and chases when asked to wear first-time blinkers or a visor, while Giant's Causeway may have been a horse who loved to eyeball his rivals, but is producing offspring who are responding well to some types of headgear; the record of Giant's Causeway's progeny fitted with first-time blinkers over hurdles is two winners from six runners.