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In the single-predictor models for near functional vision, only visual acuity at logMAR [less than or equal to] 1 (estimate = -0.
It is well recognized and agreed among all participants that the use of the method is a choice for designers, and that there are many other factors that should influence design decisions besides visual acuity, in the performance of Visually Demanding Tasks.
visual acuity (patient) Normal (6/6) 8 (8) 'Normal' (6/9 - 6/18) 22 (22) Visual impairment (6/24 - 6/60) 15 (15) Severe visual impairment and 55 (55) blind (<6/60) Pre-op.
The purpose of this project was to develop an inexpensive, portable, and psychometrically sound measure of visual acuity during still head and head in motion.
x] In clinical trials improvement of vision is defined as a gain of 0 letters or more in visual acuity as measured on an Early Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy (ETRDS) chart, the standard method of quantifying visual acuity.
Initial and follow-up examinations documented Snellen visual acuity and included slit lamp biomicroscopy, Tonopen intraocular pressure measurement, and indirect ophthalmoscopy.
Thomas Bosley, suggests, "Damage to the visual association cortex may explain why patients with Alzheimer's disease have good visual acuity and healthy eyes but still experience other types of visual problems.
RVO), a leader in implantable inlay technology to treat presbyopia, announced that clinical results from a single-center study showing significant improvement in near visual acuity following treatment with its proprietary, patented Raindrop[TM] Near Vision Inlay (formerly the Vue+[R] and PresbyLens[R]) were presented by John Olkowski, M.
2 letter improvement in visual acuity over the three month period of the study (P< 0.
To be able to obtain visual acuity measures by communicating effectively with a wide range of patients (Group 1.
Pre-operative and postoperative visual acuities Pre-operative Postoperative visual acuity visual acuity N % N % Normal (6/6 - 6/18) 42 32.
Studies have focused mainly on neurophthalmological aspects, such as visual acuity and visual field deficits, and on oculomotor dysfunction.