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Nexsan's SATABeasts are being used to power video-on-demand services for Yad Vashem's Visual Center, which allows visitors to view Holocaust-related films, documentaries and tens of thousands of video testimonies of survivors.
American Audio Visual Center is a full-service multi-media, audio-visual company.
Macular degeneration affects the central retina or visual center of the eye and results in loss of central vision used for reading, color vision and recognizing faces.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The way that the visual centers of men and women's brains works is different, a new research said, adding that men have greater sensitivity to fine detail and rapidly moving stimuli, but women are better at discriminating between colors.
Damage to the afferent visual pathway, from the retina to visual centers in the brain, can result in severe blindness, loss of central and/or peripheral visual fields, various types of hemianopia or homonymous field defects, and loss or changes in visual acuity (Cockerham et al.
Trauma can disrupt vision at many points along the afferent visual pathway, from the retina to the visual centers in the brain.